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Permanent Adhesive Labels

About Our Permanent Adhesive Labels

It's not like a high school nickname––when you put a label on something, you want it to stay there for good. And you have pretty high standards about how well they should stay there. You're not going to get crumbly, messy label leftovers for your money, right? 


These permanent adhesive labels will look great to you then, because they mean business. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor use, or something that requires amazing tenacity in its weatherproof and waterproof qualities, these materials will suit your set of labels. Just customize something that really stick with you (so to speak) and order! It's the easiest label order you'll make, and we're sticking to that promise.



Product Specifications


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Materials Specifications



Cut-to-Size Labels
Roll Labels

White Paper Sticker

  • 60 lb. stock 
  • Crack and peel paper
  • Indoor only, not waterproof
  • Matte, Gloss, and High Gloss finishes available

White Paper

  • 60 lb. stock 
  • Our most popular option
  • Gloss adds oil/water-resistance
  • General indoor label application
  • Not for writing on
White Vinyl

  • 4 mil. thick 
  • Crack and peel paper
  • Ultra shiny finish
  • Waterproof and suitable for outdoors
  • Oil/water-resistant label face

White Vellum Paper Sticker

  • 60 lb. stock
  • Tactile paper feel when uncoated
  • For luxury products, beverage and wine labels
  • Writable if uncoated

White Vinyl
  • 3.4 mil. thick
  • Our most durable material
  • 3.4 mil. thick vinyl
  • UV-resistant Gloss finish or Matte finish
  • Waterproof and suitable for outdoors